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I almost learned it the hard way! Had a guy put his hand in my pocket and I wouldn’t of felt it if I already hadn’t been reaching for my phone because I was aware that this guy was too close to me. I was going to say the same thing. They’re good at what they do. Between distraction & the timing of opening of the doors, they take advantage of unsuspecting tourists. I caught a few while living in Paris, while with my older parents. My elderly father was approached by a couple of gypsy kids in the metro. The boy bumped into him and took his wallet; my dad grabbed the boy’s coat by the collar. The boy wriggled free, and started crying (he was going to get in trouble at home – for losing his coat). Dad motioned for an exchange, and got his wallet back. I was saved by a very nicely dressed Frenchman. We were boarding, and as usual, packed on. Young girl behind me. Next thing, he is slapping her hand and giving her a talking to. I realized after a short time she was after my purse. As we got of, I thanked the gentleman profusely in my marginal French. A few years ago I was in Paris with my family. We were trying to navigate our way around on the Metro, but were confused as to which train to take. A young woman took pity on us and spent several minutes with us explaining where we needed to go to catch the correct train. I will never forget this act of kindness. We got into Paris really late. My boyfriend said, just one Metro ride. We were leaving for Switzerland at 5am. I said, “Yes” and he made sure we sat on a certain side of the car, and then just for a moment, we came above ground and the Eiffel Tower was in view, all lit up and brightly sparking—such a joyful introduction to the city of light—I can’t wait to go back, I have been blessed to be there enough to love it completely.