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Lightly melanated hella black shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I received Nylah yesterday and I’m so in love with her. Aubree can relate to her so much and the hair texture is spot on. A really good buy. I have so many more little girls to buy for.  That’s who we are and that is what makes us a first human being created by God in this planet Africa has a lot to tell the world. Love mother Africa.

  • Why are some of you Africans obsessed with telling us that if we don’t know our history we are doomed????
    Can you tell me in vivid terms how knowing African history would help me as an individual to progress in life? Please be specific in your response.
  • I have been living in the Apache reservation for over 10yrs and re discovered our traditional way, however only we elders know the true beauty of it. But now many of us have passed and when we are gone it will be lost forever as our young chose not to learn it.
  • Their is no new without the old and no modern without the ancient, am an African and proud one. African history is a source of inspiration for a creative and innovative persons. I have been to Africa and omg it was beautiful Bennie, Nigeria, Ghana it was great I had fun much better than expected

The most honourable Marcus Garvey said ” a people without the knowledge of their history and culture is like a tree without roots.” I’ve been to Khartoum but the place is Beautiful though it’s very hot. And their aiport is so fly organised with a prayer wing and halaal food. It’s nice indeed. Though they don’t like us the blacks. I noticed that.

I bet if you did some real archaeology you will find a whole city buried. What you are looking at is the top of structures…. Yeah yeah ,that isn’t what the reality for is world wide influencer of America an born an bread in America only.we as a people been hear for the longest so get that other stuff out y’all mind we’ve always people ,that civilized an keep it moving ,but we became complacent

so know we’re doing it again ,why do we needed to go any where ,when we are the true architect s that built this country .in ignorance an in their knowledge ,so when they show the bus ,their saying wake up khemit,when they you’re an shot they saying watch out modern day Jesus or moses or Mary etc.wake up an stop looking at thing with a heart of emotions because the majorities out way ,the minority of this not bias,I have be concern about everything ,from all sides ,my community ,outsider brought in by the man insider that hate because I want better ,I’m not ignorant enough.etc

Lightly melanated hella black shirt, hoodie, tank top