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Liverpool FC Back On Our Fucking Perch shirt, tank top, hoodie

Liverpool FC Back On Our Fucking Perch Hoodie

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I draw an analogy to the movie “Zulu” wherein the horror involved was purposed in attempt to cause revulsion at man’s inhumanity. But in theaters all over the country people would simply come away with, “Did you see how he killed all those. I think we have a disconnect here in the north. We may have ended slavery sooner but still benefited from it. We may not have enforced strict Jim crow laws but we still segregated and contributed to systemic racism in this country. If I can be proud to be a New Yorker, be proud of my union officer ancestor and still understand that at one point my family was part of the issue too, then why would I condam others for haveing pride in their home too? This whole country is the pot of gumbo even our Canadian cousins have similar issues just not to the extent as our and more directed to the indigenous Nations.

I understand what you mean… buuuut it just doesn’t matter anymore. The south has proven more bad than good. I have good memories… the lakes the mountains the outdoor music the blues… but also “n” lover written on my locker … my 3 yr old being called a “n” knowing my daughter or lover would never have the same rights or career opportunities… the south is ummm bad …. somehow if they could embrace their so called good and stop being pieces of shit then …. One of my favorite genre’s in our music, literature and film is about exactly this. Southern Gothic confronts the South’s many flaws and complexities.