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Lose my mind Find your soul Music Wine Girl poster

Lose my mind Find your soul Music Wine Girl poster 1

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Your Doom if you do doom if you don’t whenever someone trying to do generous things from his heart it’s always a good thing he will always receive blessing no matter what, How they use it is up to them, Jon heart was pure God will blessed you and your family Well done Jon. Sadly this kind of free give away only enables people to continue to live off the system. I don’t mind people using the system to get on their feet but if they just live off the system… I don’t feel bad for them at all and feel like they need to stop being able to receive help. you must have missed the word veteran. The homeless veterans usually have issues most are physical issues some is PSD. They fought and became this way to protect you and the rest of us and our country have some compassion. Until you have walked a mile in someone else’s is not for you to judge..You have no idea what most peoples situation is..You could work on learning a little more compassion..and leave the judgement to God I’ve been in those shoes. I’ve lived in shelters. I also witnessed (while living with the rest of the homeless, some were vets) people fully capable of working but would rather spend their money on drugs and alcohol. So, until YOU have walked in those shoes (which I did, I also am a vet) then maybe you should go walk in them and go see how many people just rely on how much the system allows them to abuse it. Then they go out and want the cash we work hard for by holding up their signs?? We’re (the ones working) already paying for them with our taxes. I have seen so many people work for years to get ssi but will not go out and get a regular job. I’m not talking about the ones that actually need the help, as I mentioned in my first comment. I’m talking about the ones that just want a free ride.