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Not only is Joe Biden weak . He wouldn’t answer the questions. And Chris Wallace wouldn’t let the president answer the questions. I understand why the talked in between. And Joe Biden talked over the president just as much. But Chris Wallace was always first to point out the President. And I didn’t like how Joe Biden keep calling presidents Trump names.
  • Trump – Don’t take the bait. Just focus on what you have done and what you are going to do. We know you will fight for us. Stay on task and don’t focus on him – We know he is the swamp.
  • They just need to work one shift, just one, in ANY hospital job – nurse, therapist, tech, dietary, housekeeping, even the non-clinical jobs. My rural hospital is currently treating 60 positive patients. We are all tired but those at the bedside with direct patient care are exhausted. My heart hurts for them but yet they continue to persevere. If only the yahoos could experience a little of what we see, hear, face, and touch each day.
  • I spoke with my mother’s best friend today … she turned 99 yesterday in Crosdale assisted Living. I dropped off a gift yesterday at the guard house. I felt so badly when I told her I loved her….so sad the elderly can’t make special days special any more. A very dear, sweet, and talented (artist) friend of our family passed away recently. She had her last chemo treatment and then contracted Covid! I wish everyone would take this more seriously..

As the mother of a Covid floor nurse I can’t tell you how terrifying it is to have her go to work daily and then home to her baby. She called me 2 days ago and said she will not be at Thanksgiving dinner because she doesn’t want to risk exposing family. The yahoos that think Covid is not a big deal or that they won’t get very sick should walk in a health care providers’ shoes for a day.

When you are risking way more lives than your own it is not a choice anymore. If something as simple as wearing a mask can prevent some of the spread I just don’t understand not wearing it. The people who are like 2 year olds stomping their feet and whining “I don’t want to wear a mask/social distance” will be right there expecting the health care professionals to risk their own health to care for them.

my son is a police officer and my son in law is paramedic. They also put themselves at risk every day. People who won’t wear a mask because it infringes in their freedom need to ask what freedom does someone on a ventilator have ? Aileen Lambert Hartmann my daughter is labor and delivery nurse. I’ve not seen her for 2 weeks several times bc she’s had patients with the covid. She doesn’t want us to get it bc we’re in our 70s. I don’t like a mask but I wear one when I leave my house.

Once Upon A Time There Was A Boy Who Really Loved Skiing That Was Me The End Poster

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