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We adopt an 80 lbs American buldog from shelter when we first met he knocked me down to the ground he got excited turned out to be the gentlest dog we’ve ever had then we adopted 3 puppies now we have 5 altogether they’re so much fun they helped each other brought stuff downstairs thru doggy doors where they sleeps. My rescue Staffi/Rotti is much the same. Poor animals, you cannot tell how badly someone treated them girl, was starved…not now, we make sure she has plenty to eat. She is such a sweet girl, can NEVER understand how someone can be cruel to an animal. I rescued a 2 yr old Chiweene 10 yrs ago that was abused & out of fear she bites. When I gave her kisses she would growl at me. She now loves kisses & understands no biting. Every morning while I’m drinking my coffee she cuddles to me & lays her head on my chest. She’s not a service dog but stays with me during my migraines & has saved my life keeping me from going into a diabetic coma. She is the most lovable & sweetest dog (to us) but very protective.

I could use some help, I have a pit (since baby), that has gained the confidence to want to kill my newest dog (recent dumped dog by me)…I had to staple wounds and treat with antibiotic injections….I’m usually able to help others, but I’m worried with my situation… Dogs are one of those animals that are so dependent on human beings, that’s why they are very expressly appreciative. It’s their animal instinct behavior to survive…to find a master, any master who will provide them care, food and shelter. Abandoned in the streets, their lives are short.