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Lunch Lady Have no fear the lunch lady is here face mask

Lunch Lady Have no fear the lunch lady is here face mask 1

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My husband and I have traveled to Europe regularly with since 1998 using your wonderful books, videos and audio programs and have now taken four of your tours and are signed up for the 5th this fall (March’s tour was cancelled). Travel is NOT a political act for us. It is about culture, the living of everyday life in other countries, cathedrals and small churches, architecture, museums, food, cities and the countryside. It has never been nor will ever be a political act, no matter how you describe political act. Thank you, Rick, for this. I have yet to travel anywhere outside the US (COVID changed my plans to get to Paris in the fall), but I have been reading your Paris 2020 guide and have enjoyed many of your videos on travel. I appreciate your experiences and what you share from the many things you have learned and gained from your years of traveling the globe. Thank you for sharing your voice with us. Your book was our book club selection about a year ago. Our group shares a love of travel, cuisine, lefty politics, and of course – books. Before the virus (henceforth to be known as “BV”???), I was just beginning to plan a trip back to Paris and Normandy…through your program. When a vaccine is finally developed, I hope to pursue this. Your book spoke to me on so many levels. You are inspiring. Thank you Rick for a well thought out and written essay. Keep up the good work being an ambassador for our country. It will eventually be great again and we can travel and be proud to come from here again. Right now not so much. You are so right. We have been so fortunate to have travelled, seen so many interesting places, learned so many things that made us realize people are people. Your books have helped us learn too. Rick – your Canadian roots show through loud and clear. Very proud of your quiet activism- in words and deeds. Always enjoy your programs – fresh views of places I’ve already been and places I probably never will. Keep on travelling.