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I just cannot get enough of this video I keep watching over and over I just love this why can’t us humans be this loving and caring with each other there’s so much hate and evil in this world but Sonia Bear is so loving just like her human daddy bless both of their sweet loving Souls we need more videos like this God bless them both I hope they both live long lives God bless them I love this. So endearing to see how that bear and its caretaker can remember because they were together when that bear was small and how that bear plays with its caretaker that its real friends are so beautiful that it can be a friendship between a bear and a person I love it, it is as if that man and bear have never been apart. a heart warming video…a special bond between Sonia a bear and her ex caretaker…her daddy. despite having not seen each other for a few years she came running upon hearing her daddy’s voice n the game they used to play… awesome…love this video. Looks like the bear is showing his teeths and is trying to nibble the guy.. I dont think pepole should go inside the cages when the animals becomes adults, sure they are used to human contact but they are dangerous animals. Why is damaging? Who created your brain anyway so you can believe things/ who programmed you? Who/What wrote your DNA? If the dna was written in books would be 4000 books/who wrote all these “instructions” for you to be born in a certain way, to look in a certain way, to be tall just as that, to have a certain skin colour,to have certain talents and not others…who did all this? Mariana Vivanco your inability to understand science is not evidence of a god.
God belief robs children of critical thought, reason and self-esteem. We have to go to court to protect women’s rights, teach science in the classroom and keep the marketplace open for all people because of god belief. 46% of Americans think that the Earth is 10,000 years old or less and the dinosaurs played with humans because of religion.