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Marilyn Monroe face mask

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Looks like you did the smartest thing you could have!! Took yourself and children for Vitamin Sea and Vitamin D!! Sunlight and outdoors decrease the half life dramatically! Well I have noticed that the lady that does the signing on some days for the last 2 weeks has had her hair done and it’s changed. She went from long extensions to curly poof in a matter of five days. Who’s doing hair? Kyle Bartee I didn’t notice, but if she’s changed it that fast, it’s possible she does her own hair? My friend went from black to blue, to green, to red within a few weeks when this started. Here is my issue….as we test more people the number of positive will go up (I honestly think more people have been exposed or had it than have been tested) so how to we say the number of those testing positive have to go down? they are looking at the percentage of positives as compared to total number of tests. They stated they know that as they test more they’ll find more – so the percentage is the comparable metric. Does anyone have any info on this issue? There have been test confirmed positives in Carteret County since the CDC and state allowed private testing at the beginning of the week. I’m wondering if the county is no longer reporting positives if they come from a private testing source? I guesw where I was going is that the Media and officials (most of the time) give just the number of positive, not not including the number of tests given which is like giving only part of the information. I would just like to see all of the numbers…I am strange that way… I have been computing the percentages. I just think the media and officials should give all of the numbers. What we usually hear is X number tested positive and so on. Not out of x number tested x number were positive and of the first number x number were very sick before we tested…