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Maverick Goose 2020 hoodie

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Both opinions are not valid. That is just like saying that there were nice people on both sides of the rally in Charlottesville. My husband was an early case in our county (Durham) and had a mild case. He is also a PhD level scientist. He can understand the data, including that on antibodies. He is very strict with protocols because he realizes that he can probably get it, again. Next time it might not be a mild case. While y’all are worried about masks for a virus with a 98% survival rate and a treatment, Patriots are bringing into the NEWS the CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING crisis that is happening right here all over the United States by the biggest names in politics, Hollywood and the business world. How about you write about that on your own page instead of trying to deflect? Adrian can write about this if she wants, and the rest of us can discuss it if we want. And btw, your survival rate is wrong. It’s 96.6% in the U.S. and 96% in the world. May not sound like a big difference, but I’d rather not lose 3 or 4 of my 100 family members or friends over a 4-month period (or 6-8 of 200, or 12-16 of 300). In my entire life, I’ve only lost ONE friend to the flu. We have Dewine. He cancelled the state fair, but allowed the counties to have theirs with guidelines, some chose to cancel this year, but some decided to have full fairs, but with the guidelines. The counties that have had theirs so far have been Clinton and Fayette (Fayette’s was last week). I live in Highland and they will have theirs the 1st week of Sept. They start school in mid- Aug. then shut down the week of fair. I know it’s a stupid thing that they do. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to do online option. I know there will be an increase of cases after school begins and our county fair. It is what it is. Stay safe.