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Melanin definition Brown sugar, warm honey, chocolate, and gold shirt, hoodie, tank top

Melanin definition Brown sugar, warm honey, chocolate, and gold hoodie

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This is just salt in the wound. We were sent a wonderful letter this year reminding (reprimanding) us to be mindful of our health costs because it’s the tax payers footing the bill. Also, on the bottom of our card it reminds us as well. I pay taxes and I also make over $10,000 less than other college graduates with the same level of education as I have. I’m sick and tired of the GOP saying teachers have it so good. They have come after our pay, our retirement, and our healthcare and it’s all our fault. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Even in network the deductibles and copays are absurd. The GA has gutted what once, a few decades ago, an actual benefit. Several years ago I was admitted to the emergency room for a problem, the bill—my part—equaled 13% of my annual teacher salary.
By the way, where is Johnson in all of this? Oh, that’s right… he’s their lap dog. As a state employee, BCBS has always been great. I pray that my family has no more health issues because in eastern NC we are screwed right now. BCBS is just the administrator of all the rules. The State of NC is the insurer. But you are correct that you are screwed if the hospitals don’t sign on. Employees and retirees are being used as pawns in this game of chicken. Joan Campbell And I’m feeling the same in central NC…I just can’t imagine there will be enough in-network providers to see everyone if institutions like UNC healthcare don’t sign-on. All of our family’s healthcare providers are under UNC healthcare currently. We will switch if there is actually an in-network provider that is accepting new patients…but I feel like that is a big if at this point. It seems a little odd that the GA won’t force the state run hospitals to comply with the contract. I mean for heaven’s sake it’s all the same state budget? This is going to devestate state employees and retirees. As a retired educator of 39 years, insurance is the one benefit I counted on to stay economically feasible for me. It is really scary. It could wipe out current employees and retirees especially those who have multiple health issues and medications.