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Sure glad that we have a President with both feet on the ground. He looks at issues objectively, without $ signs, unlike a lot of our elected officials. Trump had made no secret that he viewed the Bolton book not as a threat to national security, but as a blow against his reelection campaign due to its depiction of him as an incompetent ignoramus and liar. At one point in the negotiations over clearance of the volume, according to Bolton, Trump’s representatives suggested that the book simply be delayed until after the November 3 election.

Bolton, a ferocious war hawk who has called for the bombing of North Korea and Iran, has given a series of press interviews since the book’s hostile characterization of Trump became public knowledge through press reviews and advance excerpts. He has done so both to promote the book, which has already netted him an advance of $2 million, and to influence a layer of right-wing Republicans, particularly in Congress but perhaps also at Fox News and other Republican-oriented media.

The fullest presentation of Bolton’s views came in an interview with Martha Raddatz of ABC News, broadcast Sunday night, during which he declared that he would not vote for either Trump or Biden for president, although he made clear that he regarded a second term for Trump as the greater threat.

The former Trump aide claimed that a reelected Trump would be “a danger to the Republic.” By this he was not referring to Trump’s clear turn toward dictatorship in recent weeks—particularly his attempt to launch a full-scale military intervention against the protests over police violence that have swept the United States since the police murder of George Floyd on May 25.

Instead, Bolton was warning—in much the same terms as the Democratic Party impeachment drive—that Trump was such a poor manager of American foreign policy that antagonists like Russia and China were having their way with him. He told Raddatz: “I think the concern I have, speaking as a conservative Republican, is that once the election is over, if the president wins, the political constraint is gone. And because he has no philosophical grounding, there’s no telling what will happen in a second term.”