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Metallica – Nothing Else Matters Lyrics poster

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when me and my fiance went to go see them, i scream for them to play either One, Orion, or Four Horsemen, they ended up playing One and i fucking lost it hahaha, loved that day in San Diego. Watched “Through the Never” twice last night. So darn good! Stoked to see S&M2 again. I enjoyed it at the Theater last year and can’t wait to have it in my home.

  • Oh boy, can’t wait to get this! S&M1 is my fave Metallica collection! since you love this band too, maybe you could get your fave guy Jason to personally deliver a copy to you! Today is the day baby! Maybe that’s the guy who “steal” the early version of “I disappear” out of the studio back in the days and brought it to the radio stations!
  • Mine came in yesterday! I didn’t get home until 11:30 at night but I stayed up and watched the whole thing again like I did back in Oct. I got the Blu-ray (I’m a broke mf) but man… *bows down*  I got my copy yesterday of the boxed set & watched the Blu-ray & it captures what it was like being there!!!! I was at night 2 last year, so I’d know lol.
  • Can’t wait for mine to arrive- still in stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne Australia so this will be great to watch to escape. When I saw it at the movies my baby was moshing in utero. She now likes to growl and loves to hear Metallica

I love Metallica so much that when my son, and 4 years later, husband died by suicide, I had T-Shirts made, which we wore to suicide prevention walks every year. My son introduced me to Metallica and we took him and his friends to see them in concert. Check out the shirt design

My Boyfriend and I went to see this at the cinema last year TWICE!!!! First time as friends, 2nd as a couple!  Music brings people together and HELL YEAH I was rocking & headbanging in the aisles!!! Can’t wait till things get back to normal so I can see you guys again. First concert I saw you guys in was 88′ MONSTERS OF ROCK at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. Lol remember when we ripped up the grass after Scorpions. Best concert of my life!!

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters Lyrics poster