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Michael Myers 3D face mask

Michael Myers 3D face mask

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The stimulus is a bad idea no matter who it comes from. When you give people something for nothing, they become dependent upon handouts and will be unable to fend for themselves. It’s never a good idea just to hand people money but they haven’t done anything to earn it No this is the work of a man that knows how to play puppets like you. Right in time for election. I cant believe you guys fall for this. All of a sudden he has compassion and empathy. Here he goes again spending the taxpayers money trying to buy the election. People are literally starving because of him! Trump has the highest deficit in American history. We will be his 7th bankruptcy but this one will be OUR problem. Trump you truly are a piece of. bet you cashed that first stimulus check tho. Considering these funds were allocated during first stimulus package and actually going to fix something in a state should be no big deal. How’s that 3 years of the Democrats playing fake evidence and impeachment’s helping to get a health care package? You do know how the federal government works. He does need congress to help get a package like that created and approved. All you did was sign the bill congress had already passed. Now you are going through it line by line, taking credit where none is due, in an effort to buy votes with money that belongs to the taxpayer.