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How nice of you. How do you feel about separating children from their parents and putting them in cages? How do you feel about removing health care from the parents of young children? The problem with Republicans is that they don’t care about children AFTER they come out of the womb. Religious phonies.

  • at least the republican party allows them to make it out of the womb! And your boy Obama started the cages! Also criminals are separated everyday from their children when they are sent to prison!
  • None of what you mentioned is killing them. Check your facts they are not in cages. Um did you not see Trump sign the order for the kids not be separated. How about the Dems sign order to stop killing baby’s!
  • Name one Democrat who has killed babies (not baby’s). And how about checking your facts? Children were still separated from their parents after Trump signed his bogus order (you’re not stupid enough to believe that Trump actually honours contracts, are you?) and some did, indeed, die while separated from their parents.
  • Have another shot of Lysol, make your donation to Bannon’s Build the wall fund, enroll at Trump University, and don’t forget to read and tune in to your journalistic award-winning outlets.

When you knowingly enter the country illegally and bring your child, how is that the responsibility of the country you are illegally entering? It’s like bringing your kid while you commit a crime. You get caught you go jail, kid goes to state care. Don’t bring your kid to an illegal activity. And short term OBAMA built the fucking cages

Spare me the Trump bullshit. Read the facts. The Obama administration never separated children from their families as a matter of policy. Trump and his fellow Nazis never even bothered to put measures in place to reunite these families.

Every woman should have the right to decide for herself, rather than have the likes of Scott Lloyd, Elliot Broidy, Tim Murphy, Scott DesJarlais, and countless more “Do as I say, not as I do” Republican men (Dallying Donald among them) taking their freedom away. Have a nice day yourself.

Michael Myers Face Tumbler

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