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Let The Beat Drop Mickey Mouse V-neck

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You taught me sooo much.. and I use your lessons daily.. miss Daddy!!! Junior does him proud.. come back!! Gotta say I love your sons show.. my grandkids watch all the time.. and love when you pop in Exactly a good point. You know where Daddy came from. Junior same thing. Doesn’t it matter about their past. As long as we can accept and love each other unconditionally. I Love Daddy and Junior! Was so Heartbroken when Daddy passed, I cried many tears for him. Junior has Definitely made him & all of us Proud. Miss you Cesar, hope you come back to TV like Yesterday. Beautiful picture of Daddy and Junior. Makes me feel old seeing that. I saw you in London just after Daddy died. It.made me cry when you were talking about him. I adored Daddy what a superb example of dog he was. He was lucky to have you and you, him. I cried when he had to go because he was a truly amazing, special soul. God bless you Daddy I would count myself very lucky to meet you in the next life sweetheart. Daddy and junior how beautiful, I still cry for daddy, it was because of him, that we adopted our beautiful boy General, he was an inspiration and still is and now junior carries his heart. My husband and I watch all your programmes, its so informative, I’ve learnt so much. We have a 15 years old staffy who is just like Daddy, steady as a rock, and never reacts badly to other dogs being unfriendly. He’s very good at teaching other dogs how to behave. We love him to bits. No love can compare to the love of a dog, because they frequently put themselves in danger without question for their humans. I learned to love potties through Daddy & Cesar. The breed is wonderful it’s people that suck with is breed
If you are going to get a dog please study the breeds propensity. God bless you Cesar. Cesar!!! I have a question me and my dog were attacked by 2 pitbulls last year and I can’t get over the fear of any loose dog ! I don’t blame the dogs they had bad dog owners but my ptsd is so bad now any help wound be greatly appreciated.