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Mickey Mouse I’ll get over it I just need to be dramatic first shirt, hoodie, tank top

Mickey Mouse I'll get over it I just need to be dramatic first hoodie

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I think I am in FB jail right now and have been for over a month. No one can see my posts or my timeline, they can only see comments I make on other people’s posts. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I have reported it twice to FB and I have not heard one peep back from them. I got no official notice that they were going to do this to my timeline. I only got a couple of pop up notices saying slow down and you are sharing too much and you look like spam. I mainly just share Pro Trump news stories and some other people’s posts that I like. I also feel as if FB is trying to silence me because I am a President Trump supporter. I can see all of my posts and my timeline like normal, but nobody else can see them. So I post just like normal even if I am the one who can see it. I called someone and idiot and Facebook warned me I was violating their ‘community standards’. Meanwhile, the F-yous and your mother is a Trump whore and other profanity is acceptable. John Cooper i know your hurt….i called a socialists a stupid little trollip and got 30 days. I love that they don’t ask your opionion about their community standards, and they sure won’t contact you for your side of the story. Shirley Pedersen… Iam so sorry, that’s terrible! They are awful it’s disgusting what they do to all of us that disagree with them. I wish somebody would stop them in their tracks because it’s wrong! Patricia Ward I cant comment on anyone’s posts and it won’t allow me to see the comments on a lot of right-wing pages. I’m surprised I can comment here to be honest. First time in a long while. Personally, I’m surprised they banned Louis Farrakhan. Yet, they called him a right-winger, which maybe as to why. What I want to know is, when will Mark Zuckerberg ban CAIR? They weren’t found guilty in a court of law as a terrorist funding organization for nothing! Well if they violate the rules of that social media platform then they get banned. Also, James Woods is an actor. I thought that celebrities should should shut up about politics and stuff.