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  • I want to stock them but I’m really scared of scams honestly…i wish there was a way to buy without sending cash…. COD will be better. Thank you very much Tshidi, I took a chance with you, and I got my goodies. You are trustworthy sisi. May God increase your territory. Abantu abasa thembakali sisi. Thank you
  • Eat, Pray, Love; your story changed my life. I am deeply grateful to you for that. I love you and I love your story. Thank you for having the courage to do that !!
  • Sharing your story helped me. Although our paths have been different, my child was dying of cancer and I too had to face that fork in the road. Reading your book gave me great hope that life could go forward. Thank you.
  • And and we are all SO grateful that you went!! I read Eat Pray Love almost 10 years ago and it inspired me to be brave and move to Paris to study French. Thank you for the inspiration
  • That journey meant so much to me years later. During a recent spiritual journey of my own I listened to the audio book (which btw is the best way to experience it, with you telling it in your own voice). You’ve helped so many people! Thank you!

I had a similar journey at 44..When I read Eat Pray Love and saw the movie… I wished I were a writer…….It meant a lot to me…..I have followed you ever since with love and compassion and found inspiration to continue on my own self love path ….now 70

That was the first book that changed my life. Thank you for listening to the nudge. I find myself often saying that. And relearning how to do that myself. To be honest about your perceived failings and move forward no matter how difficult is what the journey is about. You are an inspiration to many.

Eat Pray Love is my all time favorite book, thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. I’m just sorry you had to suffer so much first to enlighten so many. Bless you Liz! You listened to your heart and soul and the universe pushed! I Lived In Naples before you came and then ended up in Bali seeing Ketut after you, not trying to walk in your shoes but sharing much of that journey of self discovery! You have done so much and helped so many with your gifts!

Mickey Mouse Nice butt poster