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All the best to you John. You are still one of the best Drivers and i agree sometimes you lose sometimes you win. That’s life  and life it’s not fair but better times will coming

  • The first week of the Tour is so nerve wracking, even for us fans at home. Always so many crashes. The conditions today, made it so much worse than usual. I hope you have a speedy recovery, and I hope we get to see you in some of the upcoming races.
  • There should be an exemption to the rule for riders who crashed and got an injury. Obviously they are not late because they are not strong enough, but the opposite, they are strong, because they still made it to the finish. For now it just sucks, though. What a bummer. All the best for you.
  • Not easy to comment. This day 1 was very special and from my point of few to dangerous. The tour management should rethink the results of the first day. Crashes are part of the sport but watching this on TV today was scary and you as riders should align on a day like this and keep calm until it is less dangerous. 2021 will be your year – get well soon! ride on.

John, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I was so looking forward to your battling it out with the other sprinters, maybe even win a stage or two. So sad for you!! We follow you since 2015. My husband and i wanted to see (and may be meet) you here in Nice (where we live and i have elective functions). We met you in Eulethera, At Cove hotel, in Bahamas. We went for a dive together. We wish that you will be better soon. Anne et Jm.

 That sucks. I’m sorry for you, but glad your injuries aren’t too serious. This year is horrible, but not just for you. Hang in there! John you are one of the most personable and honest racing drivers. I heard your interview on SWR1 “People Today”. I wish you all the best for your next goals and I am happy if you show the critics what a good and combative racing driver you are 

Sorry to hear this John. Always like to see you race. The roads were a disgrace yesterday and leniency should have been shown, especially if the rumours regarding the soap sponsor from the caravan seen in videos turn out to be correct

Mickey Mouse Nice butt poster