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Be Kind To Your Mind Flowers Poster

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Funny the way the word “Liberal” has come to mean something so very different in the USA. Assuming (humouring you) that you’re a real person -and not a troll trying to throw shade on the science and statistics that show Trump for the train wreck he is for the American people- my question is what is liberal about forcing schools and parents to ignore the advice of the global medical community and inundate classrooms with potential Covid-19 carriers, at a time when the USA has recorded the highest number of new cases of all time, anywhere on the planet? Where is the freedom in all this? Do you imagine that jump starting the economy but crippling healthcare and public services seriously benefits anyone but a handful of CEOs and sociopaths? By prolonging Covid, instead of stamping it out, do you honestly believe the economy will be restored in any meaningful way? Can you see for yourself the countries in the World with the worst performance on Covid-19: the UK, India, Brazil and USA, all of whom are run by your kind of “liberal” leaders? Would you deny that old-school (ie actual) liberals like Jacinda Ahern, Angela Merkel and Moon Jae-in -the sort of bleeding heart, nanny state nerds you probably despise- have managed to both contain the disease and restore their economies far faster, and with comparably tiny death tolls, than the kind of pumped-up populist bullies you admire? Liberal. Gimme a break. You’ll submit to anyone with a loud mouth and a big bank account. My marriage was deteriorating more and more, but thanks to the method I found on the internet, to achieve the result I wanted in getting my husband back and our family being whole again,I refused to let another woman take away the father of my 3 kids away from me, I began to follow the method from Dr. Agbator and the results were wonderful, my husband has now cancelled his divorce papers, which he had already filed for.