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My favorite firefighter calls me mom face mask

I am currently working in the dining room at my mum’s house in the New Forest. I am in the first year, so the pandemic has dramatically affected my experience of university so far as it hasn’t been how everyone would normally describe it to be.

How has the pandemic affected your studies?

I have missed out on meeting people, partying, exploring a new city and being able to make the most of the workshops and facilities at university.

It has also meant that the delivery of my education has been very uncertain. It went from being taught in person, to online but still being able to go on campus if we wanted to, to going home at Christmas and not being allowed back.

What do you miss?

I miss the ability to meet other people on my course, I consider us lucky that we were able to have a couple of weeks in person allowing us to meet some people. However, since going online it has meant it’s been hard to meet other people on our course, considering our course is very small anyway, I know very few people.

I also miss the collaboration between the students and teachers, I miss the feeling of learning and exploring new things and the conversation it develops within the classroom.

How are you finding remote studying?

I must admit the online teaching is difficult. Although the principle and delivery is good, the lack of backwards and forwards conversation between myself and lecturers is lacking which can often lead to misunderstanding the task.




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