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My favorite police officer calls me mom floral face mask

My favorite police officer calls me mom floral face mask

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I mean it’s funny how u trump trolls won’t admit he’s honest. Hell more than half the stuff he says gets him in trouble from a pc standpoint, but he’s telling the truth, but you anti trump.idiots wouldn’t know what the truth is if it hit you square in the face, so what do u keep doing?? U keep electing fake people like cruz and expect different results. It’s like the definition of insanity and you clowns want to give us advice? Oh my gosh! Did you see that I flushed out the Obama people lol. I knew there was some under educated completely brainwashed by the system and the lies people out there who is voted for Obama, they were trashing Trump but now it comes out oh my gosh! I think I should save my breath now. So let me get this straight you are not voting for Trump, but you have no better answer to bring to the table. That makes you and antagonist, one who stirs up strife and trouble and really has no view of their own therefore really has no reason to be entering into the conversation. Erich Broxson independent voters not decided yet and I’m one of those. I don’t hate anybody I just disagree with Trumps policies and his crazy brain! If we bore you don’t pay attention. Or wait maybe you guys think the truth is telling Ben carson supporters their dropping out, and u for me. Wait telling people that trump is anti 2nd ammendment when all he said was the he wanted to make it harder to purchase assault weopens, which most Americans would realize is a good idea, but cruz runs with it and says trumps anti 2nd ammendment, wait I got another, maybe trump is pro choice because he supports SOME of the things planned parenthood does, when trump has said he’s not pro abortion but likes the other things they do like screenings and exams. I mean I could really go on and on and if somebody wants go challenge me I welcome it. You judge trump cause he tells it like it is, and how u people say hes not honest is completely comical. Marge Barilotti there have been many. many articles written about Trump’s lies. bigotry, and despicable dirty deals, but if you only read what is posted by Trump and his minions on this page, you will not know about them. I suggest you broaden your mind and reading habits – seriously – I’m not making a snarky comment to you – just open your mind.