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I have heard that raccoons can be mischievous but also mean yet I love this story and happy she found her way into your family. They can be sweet and naughty.. Every one has different personalities. They are wild animals tho.. And can go off just like a wild animal and get worse when they hit sexual maturity.

  • They are not domesticated for thousands of years like dogs n cats. I loved mine while I had her (did release her to run wild but I was on a farm..she came and went as she pleased) but did have a few anger issues and they can be very destructive cuz they have thumbs and are stubborn as hell
  • I have one..Female..I’ve had her since she was 2weeks old. She us now 2.5 yrs old.. She had been spayed & treated like a princess..She can get grumpy at times but she has never been aggressive towards anyone or any other of our cats or dogs..We spend a lot if time with her.. she plays rough but knows & understands when we tell her , No hurts..she lets up on the roughness..They are super smart.
  • Years ago when i walked into these peaples house a huge Raccoon came very Agresively running from under a cabnet at me snarling showing his teeth He intended to tear into me with his teath. Thankfully they had him chained just short of reaching me, the chain jerked him back.

it’s just like with pittbulls you treat them the right way and love them from day one and they will be the sweetest thing ever. It’s all in the way that they’re raised that determines if they’ll be aggressive or loving. And this family did it in the right way.

Your not suppose to chain them up. They become agitated and are bot ment to be kept like that how cruel . You not even suppose to chain dogs up anymore . thankfully you’re okay and apparently they don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t need to have an animal like that if they don’t know how to take care of it properly.

I used to have raccoons around when I lived in another house. They never caused problems with my dogs or my cats. i used to hand feed the ones out back at my friends house they would come take the food outa my hand. Angela Holm Remington i dont know these people the person i was with new them. Pobobly because he was vicious to people he did not know. He needed to be set loose in a woods. My point was be careful they can be mean.

Your Butt Napkins My Lady Raccoon Poster

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