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Vanessa Greene Classy? It really doesn’t matter how she looks, but she is somewhat manly and Ghetto sometimes. What has Michelle done for our country again…divided us, in everyway possible, oh that’s right…can you say racist. She might be educated but really hasn’t used it to help anyone but herself. never mention racism.. but u did! Has nothing to do with racism. Not sure what your point is! I’m talking about woman being put down by men! If it was anyone else the metoo movement would be right there! That’s the point! Your argument sounds like HS. Tit for Tat. Tearing down one to promote the other. When we should focus on who they are today. Not taking puck shots at their person or past choices. Which I am sure even Melania Trump doesn’t revel in her choice to pose nude as a young woman. Not her finest moment I am sure in her mind.
As for marrying him? Well he had to pursue her for a time. She is no air-head that hangs on to his every word. If people actually read interviews she has done outside of the liberal media people would know that. That’s the whole point of them being together. You can’t marry a man like Pres. Trump without having something going on upstairs. Though this all be true that doesn’t take away from Mrs. Obama, her personal successes or the Obamas as a married couple. I am sure if meeting her one on one she is very personable. But personable doesn’t mean people must agree to her ideas and opinions. That’s where some of us can make the distinction that others may not.