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Saw him on PBS last week discussing Fascism in Europe in the 30s, 40s. It was very well done. The comparison to current times was frightening. He opens our world and our eyes! Kevin Petersen, Trump is a fascist in my opinion. The other thing I have noticed about him is his ability to tell the ‘big lie’ continually yet it never seems to matter to his supporters. You can lead a horse to water… Last summer during a week in France and another week in Greece we had wonderful conversations with locals as well as travelers from other countries as we broke bread together, drank wine together, cheered the Tour de France side by side, got help with pronunciation, and shared a day trip on the Aegean. We found out that so many of our new friends from different countries are worried about the rise of nationalism, both in the US and in their countries as well. We all agreed we can do better. Hopefully all of us were inspired by each other, and are committed to work for better communities and countries. Thanks for what you do, Rick Steves! Your attitude and educational approach make all of us better!  So well said! My first transatlantic international travel experience last fall changed me for the better, and I look forward to furthering my education through travel in the future… politics included! I have a YouTube channel about my experiences as a 50 year old woman living and traveling in an rv. Whenever I bring up a social or political issue I’m trolled relentlessly and told to “stay in [my] lane”. It’s refreshing to read someone as successful and popular as you say that travel is a political act. So is leaving the rat race at 48 to travel and live closer to nature! In fact isn’t just about everything that touches our lives “political” in some way? Some of us just choose to acknowledge, analyze and process how politics affect the work around us…
Keep doing what your doing. I for one don’t want to be the one who didn’t speak up about things that matter when I had the chance.