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Too bad the leaders of the church don’t think so. They have done the exact opposite of 40+ yrs of teaching and allowed Satan to close the church so easily. I’m going to go worship with churches who see their religion as essential and trust God to have his decision of life and death without fear. Cowardice is of the devil and fear as well. I will still live what I was taught but if the church is so easily controlled by fear of lawsuit it has issues I never would have believed. but we haven’t “always worn” the same clothes. Were you around when David I. McKay became prophet and President of The Church? Every Prophet and President of The Church after Joseph Smith Jr, had a beard. President McKay broke that tradition and went clean shaven. It did not change his calling not his ability to receive revelation and communication from The Lord to guide His Church. Period. Once the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and the First Presidency have discussed any issue or concern, then the Prophet makes a decision. End of discussion. We either sustain The Lord’s Prophet or we do not. End of discussion.
Now do you honestly think that a missionary telling his testimony of the Restored Gospel is less valid if he is not wearing a tie? the Church is not shut down. Yes, we are not going to the chapel. But the Church is alive and well.
We should never try and “steady the Arc” so to speak. If we come to a point that we begin to criticize The Lord’s Living and Chosen Prophet, even in a small way, we have entered into a precarious situation where our very salvation could become in jeopardy. Remember that pride precedes the fall.
Guarantee you these changes were not made without first consulting The Lord. After all, they ARE HIS missionaries and represent Him.