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Witch by nature Bitch by choice T-shirt

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I certainly don’t believe one sin is any worse than another. I personally could never abort a child. I do have a friend whose 12 year old daughter was raped. They chose to abort because this little girl did nothing to deserve this horrific act. My only argument really with your statement is that God is not Republican or Democrat. He is GOD. He loves all asks his people to do the same. did you ever learn about hyperbole when you were in school? It is using extreme exaggeration to make a point…which your statement did.
You can be opposed to abortion and be reasonable in your use of language. What you wrote is pure nonsense to anyone with a logical mind. well her political career started by sleeping with the mayor of San Fran for political aspirations while he was married, she did other positions in San Fan where she showed up to meetings like twice. When she became attorney general she laughed about the fact she had smoked pot yet there were at least 1500 jailed under her watch for essentially the same thing. If you look at her district in CA, it’s in chaos. Oh and she is a big sponsor of the New Green Deal by AOC, which is too extreme for me. She’s also ok with open boarders. so you support a president who has been accused of sexual assault, had friends who are known sex traffickers and child molesters, and paid off a porn star to keep quiet about the affair he had while his 3rd wife was pregnant? I’m sorry, but I dont understand how anything Mr. Biden has done even remotely compares.