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Nature is my religion and the earth is my church face mask

Nature is my religion and the earth is my church face mask 4

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My nephew said they tested this in Russia a couple of years ago and it improved approachability 10x. Our son just asked us for some short-sleeve shirts, now we can add blue. I just had to buy my missionary brand new clothes since he lost 60 lbs. The ties and necessary shirts and stuff is expensive. Especially since we didn’t know if he could return to his original mission. This will be a huge blessing to a lot of people. I like it, the standard is still reasonable and I read teh sisters one that they can wear trousers. Good call. I think cycling in a skirt or dress is inappropriate, I always thought it rather odd that the church would even consider it, given that skirts can reveal and also get caught in the cogs of a bicycle. This helps our missionaries in South Carolina tremendously!!! Biking in a suit with temps in the 90’-100’s and humidity through the roof…..not fun. I don’t think it’s disgraceful for Elders to only wear their ties in official meetings. My husband served in an area where their ties were often used to pull an elder around on the street. My missionaries need to wear Jean’s and old tshirts and boots. My goodness these young men are such hard workers. I am soooooo blessed to have all of them. I find so much value in how they help me build my pasture fencing and shovel horse poop. But I find even more value in what they are teaching me.
“Dear Heavenly Father, you saw I craved for knowledge to learn about you, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. You put a person in my life (Steve Faught) from Latter Days Saints so I could see the happiness he and his family had because you knew I would want that. I love you and love how you work in my life. That person brought a bishop and missionaries to me in my time of need and seeking the truth of knowledge. I thank you heavenly father for continuing to provide me with my Elders that read the Gospel with me and teach me. I thank you heavenly father for giving your Son to pay for our sins and allowing me the chance to join you and Jesus Christ in eternal life. I thank you heavenly father for this day and all of the wonderous blessings and opportunities you so graciously have given me. I am humbled and I accept these gifts from you. In the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray.