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As the parent of a type 1 diabetic this could not be more welcome news. My husband and I work hard to have insurance and the cost of diabetes is still ridiculous. Worry everyday if she will able to afford her insulin and many other supplies as an adult. Diabetes sucks. She didn’t cause this disease from not eating right or being overweight. This is amazing news. Insulin should not cost these incredible high prices. I am one that has to pay these prices even with insurance and it’s hard to do. Thank you Mr. President you have my vote! Can we begin to educate our population on the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet so that this issue is not as big as it has become? Many of the diseases infecting our population could be reduced by healthy eating and not pharmaceuticals. Too bad people can’t take responsibility for their own health. Thank you now if we can stop the incentives for because maybe we would not have these mandatory in place if money was involved. Health should be about health no profits. Thank you for helping millions with these new prices especially during these times they will appreciate it. My son is allergic to bee stings. Had a bad reaction years ago that landed him in the ER. The prescribed epipen had a price tag of over $400! We didn’t have insurance at the time bc our premiums had tripled to $1,800 due to Obamacare! No way we could afford the medicine. Thank you for making it affordable and for all that you do for the American people. first of all thank you! Sir, We really need to encourage these companies into producing medications right here at home. I believe that with significant capital investment and the ability of the federal government to allow long term leases in government buildings that are no longer being utilized, we can create an environment for success.