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Neil deGrasse Tyson 6ft Back or 6ft under shirt, tank top, hoodie

Neil deGrasse Tyson 6ft Back or 6ft under shirt

Buy it now: Neil deGrasse Tyson 6ft Back or 6ft under shirt, tank top, hoodie

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Median household income in US is 61,937 over an average 1.3 income earners. So about 47,643 per individual. 15 dollars an hour translates to about 31,200 if you get paid for 52 fourth hour weeks. That puts you firmly in the lower percentages of income earners. You would need almost a 50% raise at that level to even be a median income earner. $15 an hour is not pretty good. You could not afford a two bedroom apartment and a bus pass on 15 dollars an hour. That is only 30K per year, far below the median income in the US. So yeah jobs that pay far below the median income I would call shit pay. Perhaps these businesses should use their subsidized loans for payroll to make up the difference to the people still working? These loans can be completely forgiven if the money is used for payroll. very few small businesses have actually received any loans. Mostly larger small businesses (400 to 500 employees) have received loans. many jobs pay $15 per hour, a lot of the country $15 per hour is pretty good. A $15 per hour worker gets $600 with 40 hours but get close to $1000 with unemployment. Pretty poor strategy in the long run. In the short term you may see a bump in pay but on a loner term they will lose out significantly from being unemployed for the long term. I assume this is only happening at places that offer shit pay and no benefits.And before anyone complain that this number isn’t representative of low income areas, I will use as an example West Virginia which has the lowest median household income in the US at 43,469 (WSJ 2018). That means the median income in that state is still 1000 higher than a 15 an hour rate (33,437 per year).