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Never underestimate an old woman who lifts hoodie

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Looking at some of the comments, folks from outside the South do not get it. I doubt they ever will. Yes, a blue, blue, person from the South, who has lived all over the country. Every region has it’s own culture-good and bad. Why southern? Why northern? Why Pride? No land is free of war or blood of the innocent. Best thing is to be proud of your personal accomplishments, positive contributions and take pride that you learned from past mistakes and your willing to make amends for any future transgressions. After all, we’re only human. we are more than human. We are divine spirits in fleshly bodies. We have Divine rules that we Should follow Sin is missing the mark. Application is crucial and forgiveness is imperative. We can do better.

I am glad to hear that Richmond will de-monument Monument Blvd, but I agree with Trae (not uncommonly) about nuance, and the broader appeal of things southern AND western, and for that matter, the whole melting pot kumbia stuff tapestry of multiculturalism broadly – love to watch baseball rooting for Japanese players while drinking a Modelo and eating Korean barbecue. As a native Texan, growing up under LBJ, Ann Richards, and Barbara Jordan, I find it hard to find that sense of pride that I once had as a Texan. Beto gave me a temporary fix, so I guess I’ll keep dreaming…