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Never Underestimate an Old Woman with a Nursing Degree vintage poster

Never Underestimate an Old Woman with a Nursing Degree vintage poster 1

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No, the people that are protesting are fine, the THUGS that are going into communities and killing others is total unacceptable. So counter-productive. you are right that is why the people are in the street 4 years after he left office protesting because Obama was president….lol if you don’t go have several seats!! my definition of “good” is not cops who bully and beat people and other cops who look the other way, or lie for their “brothers in blue”…I stand where I stand, I have seen what Ive seen and I will NOT change my mind. do you compromise like when the consitutuon was first ratified to allow slaves even though that is against bill of rights. Do you mean like the Missouri compromise. Sometimes compromise is just plain evil. Idenity politics is a disease in this nation and I will never compromise, and neither should any American. I agree totally with you as a nurse I’m held to a certain standard whether I’m on duty or off duty and I’m pretty sure police officers should be held to the same standards we do serve the community and the American people it is a life of service so you have to be respectful of the people you’re serving. That is bullshit. If a crime is committed they need to be prosecuted. There is a set of rules with every union that have to be followed. If no rule is broken then there can be no punishment. If a rule is broken their is a set policy for punishment. I honestly believe that everyone is so against the police that very few people want to become cops, so they have to take what they can get. But yeah, we need some kind of extended training on humility and moral issues that become instilled in them so they are present even in a quick reaction. you can’t boot because of questionable reports… criminals would make complaints EVERY time they was any interaction..and every officer would have “multiple” reports.. You need independent investigation into reports/injury to suspects and a system of punishment for offenses deemed to be use of unnecessary force, including suspension without pay, firing, banning from work in law enforcement, criminal charges ..depending on the outcome of investigation/seriousness/quantity of offenses.