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Fiona Sands but no doubt you are the classiest thing in any room. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. Since you don’t even live in this country I could care less what you think so bugger off. The utter foulness of some of these comments! Just continues to prove my belief that the ‘supposed’ tolerant and nonjudgemental group of people continue to be the party of hate. It must really suck to be so filled with hate and self loathing that you have to attack like a bunch of pit vipers because someone happens to disagree with YOUR point of view. adult nudity is nothing compared to hands on kids. Posting this is opening up Pandora’s box for all those men that traveled to the island to use kids. It will come out people are looking for it.everyone has done something they are sorry they did. Nobody except Trump cares about ratings. Trump’s poor handling of this situation has led to countless more deaths and lost jobs than would be the case with a competent, empathetic and intelligent President. Trump is a malignant narcissist and sociopath and has a very low IQ. He needs to be kicked out for the sake of the US and the rest of the world. President Trump accidentally had Bat soup (he thought it was chicken) with President Xi in Beijing, China last time 2019 and He brought corona virus to USA, He spread it through shaking hands with airport immigration officers and they spread it to people who came from other countries :'( Sad !! He should be either put in Guantanamo Bay prison for 9.5 years or send to John Hopkins Medical research team…