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“Gun owners will need to de-program and recognize that decentralization, not the winner-take-all electoral slugfest we see at the federal level every four years, is the best way to secure their gun rights.” We already have red flag laws the problem is the government keeps dropping the ball so people who are obviously a danger to society are allowed out to inflict mayhem. We don’t need more red flag laws we need to start firing and possibly prosecuting government officials for incompetency and gross negligence. I don’t get your joke. No one cares – it wouldn’t be funny if I did. Capitalists build beautiful helicopters. I’d offer you a free ride, but the feds have you handled. Keep on entertaining us with your bumbling attempts at violence! I already addressed this. We aren’t defending our enemies. Feel free to wear yourselves out on the government. The left wants to disarm us and take our money, so we won’t help you. WE AREN’T YOUR PARENTS. No one should be denied their constitutional rights without due process. If Red flag laws are to save lives then these laws will have the opposite effect. Patriots will fight to the death to keep their rights to defend themselves. It’s will be the weak kneed politicians who will be to blame. if they wanted to peacefully protest they should have done it during the day and not with the violent rioters. When you join with evil you are perceived as evil. they should be taken into protective custody, examined by a psychiatrist, and if judged unstable brought before a judge. If they make such an overt statement.
Just because someone else, other than a licensed professional , states they think person x might be a danger to himself or others shouldn’t be a standard to be used to deprive someone of their god given rights.