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You mean the 49ers.. Yeah we all watched. Thing is you read some chump critic spittin numbers about last year. We made it to the championship game. If we lost by a point what would the argument be.. The refs?? Homers mentioned in this chat to is a bit one sided. Ya’ll dont know jack about what your talkin. History might not have been kind to us but its better than most. Ask anybody in the North Division about history. We top-notch. 2014 championship game lost on hero ball by bostic.. Then seattle passes the ball at 1 yard in SB interception lost! Which is worse? The pundits are paid to write inflammatory articles. You pundits on the other hand post crap thats completely ou of touch. AR12 numbers are undeniably the best. With our offensive line and running attack will certainly up play action. The Rock just bought the XFL maybe yous should buy a viewing package. Homer here will go one more step further on history changing moments. 2016 playoff Giants and Dallas(you all remember the throw) were games won without Jordy. Who was coming off 15 season missed cause ACL.. In 2016 he played all 16 games had 97 catches 1200 yrds 14 TD and we lost him to a rib injury in the Giant game. In the end plethora of injuries were to tall a task for us against Atlanta in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! Which I might they blew a twenty some point lead to the Pats in SB. So that is 2 title games where our opponents went on to blow the Super Bowl to the Pats. 2014 AR12 was MVP of the league. Oh yeah Jordy was voted CPOY award as well in 2016. Has Aaron Rodgers really underachieved? No not really.