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No One Is Illegal On Stolen Land face mask

No One Is Illegal On Stolen Land face mask

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We don’t care about the opinion of actors. We care about the constitution and our rights. So you go act and whatever the hell else you’re doing. Also, I really don’t believe for a minute that you had Covid. Can you please point out where in Constitution it says we don’t have to wear masks? I’ve been looking for it and looking for it but I just can’t seem to find it. do you wear a seatbelt? Do you go to work naked? What about your taxes, do you pay those? Do you only do things to protect yourself and not others? you’re told to wear a seatbelt and I don’t see you bitching and complaining about that. You’re also told to wear clothes in public. So there’s that. Your personal rights do not go as far as to infringe upon other’s personal rights. What you do affects people around you. Why is this a difficult concept? If you drink and drive, you risk killing another person, especially if it is someone who refuses to wear a seatbelt. Let me put it to you simply speaking… this is America. We have rights. We aren’t told what to wear. This isn’t a communist country. Is that better? People also have a right to personal health and safety and if you put other people’s rights at risk you risk losing your rights. They are not absolute. Push come to shove, his opinion is no less valid than yours, as a person and as a US citizen. It’s sad existence you must lead if you choose to believe someone else is a liar. All of us who wear mask have rights too. Our rights are you do not have a right to spread your germs that could kill me .. soldiers fight to save lives and you spoil brats fight to kill peope… Not wearing a mask is like driving the wrong way down a highway you may get a Mile or two but odds are you will end up in a head on crash injuring or killing someone .and hurting or killing yourself in the process.the difference is when you go to the hospital with Covid you walk in alone and you die alone… your five timer deferments dotard is a wanna be celebrity reality personality… I want to feel bad for you but I realize that people like you are the problem in this country.stfu. your army is told to wear uniform. Your Fast Food Restaurant employees are told to wear uniform, other jobs tell you to wear protective gear, safety shoes, uniforms, hats, glasses, gloves, you wear seatbelts in the car, helmets on your bike, and more and you are saying nobody tells you what to wear? That’s a great joke Darling.