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The Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg face mask

The Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg face mask

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It’s going to be the ones refusing to wear a mask that will be the reason we close down again. And they will be the ones bitching the most about the re-closing that they are responsible for. Jenny Rees so we attack other women. Okay cool. Do you know my race. No. Do you know my family no. I’m fighting for MY FAMILY. My S/o who is black. MY SON who is black. So take a seat! I can have my hair any color I want. See I lost it to cancer and i got it back now and I can do as I wish!! Ya dig? Jenny Rees sweetie I typed an s in accident. It’s okay. Your words didn’t make sense and you call me illiterate.. you tried to call me out bc the color of my hair and you think I called you names. Sweetie you need to re-evaluate yourself Lee Sulouff because he can fucking be here if he wants to be, it’s a public forum and there’s a little something called “free speech” that you bots like to rage on about. If you don’t like when it’s used on you, feel free to go back to your own page Hey Jen Jen!! what’s wrong had to erase the comment attacking my hair color and the fact that I will stand up for black lives? How about when you told me to get an education and stop looting? it’s take a better man to admit when you are wrong esp when the whole world will know. Everything ppl say about trump has nothing to do with how to run a country. He knows how to do that and make it easier for us to live. Wake up ppl srry. Susie does his ego make it easier or harder for you to feed your family. My point is. Y’all hate the guy that has made it easier for us and beat any other president that has ever had that seat. Why? everyone wants a strong economy especially for the kids. I just don’t think he is the man to do it. He protects the rich not the little man. I hope everything works out. Best to you and your family.