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Nurse Sassy since birth salty by choice shirt, hoodie, tank top

Nurse Sassy since birth salty by choice hoodie

Buy it now: Nurse Sassy since birth salty by choice shirt, hoodie, tank top

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For years I have dealt with pains and breaks that healed wrong because I cannot afford health insurance or the prices the hospitals demand. I hope one day that I will be able to get my right hand fixed and hopefully my back as well. I’ve lived with light MS for the later half of my life. I fear old age. I hope this changes my fears! Cant wait to see the price drops. I have a few family members that are paying high prices from big pharma. Also my house uses epipens and they are way overpriced after that senators daughter bought rights to it. Great news for all diabetics. We are voting for you. We wear masks that say Trump 2020 when we must wear them and get stopped all the time by people asking where they can get one like it. You are appreciated and loved by many. Stay strong. Stay focused. Stay the course. God bless you and God bless the USA. This will help people who need life saving medications that have become exorbitant in price over the years and unaffordable in many cases. It was definitely long overdue! Why should Americans pay more money for the exact same medication that is sold in other countries around the world for a fraction of the price?
Now – the next step is to encourage our citizens to become healthy & build up their immune systems so they can eventually get off all medications! Thank you but we really need a raise in our monthly payment that Medicare does not take, every time we get an adjustment Medicare goes up and we may get 20 dollars extra for cost of living and that is for the higher payments the lower ones only get a 2 dollar a month raise, that’s not cost of living raise that is an insult for us older ones working all these years and still have to work to make ends meet when we are old, sick and don’t want to be homeless. Just something to think about please.