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Ocean Don’t fear death Fear the un-lived life poster

Ocean Don't fear death Fear the un-lived life poster 1

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This woman open doors for black actors and for it’s times Miss McDaniel’s courage to push through with her dream of being in movies says it all ….It could not have been easy for her. Loved Mammy. Hallee Berry is beautiful and gave a realistic performance, but Monsters Ball I think is demeaning to African American women. This is not Farenheit 451. They are not out there seizing copies and burning them. If you like it so much, buy a copy of it or illegally stream it. This is one of my favorite films, but there are a TON of great films out there that are out of print; dedicated collectors manage to see them just fine. This film is extremely racist, and I don’t blame black people for not wanting to be confronted with this glorification of a time when their ancestors were in chains, raped, beaten, and subjected to unimaginable cruelty.

It’s not like anyone is stopping you from watching Gone With The Wind; they’re just making it less ubiquitous. I can’t stream Tales of Hoffmann easily from any venue, try as I might. But you don’t see people bellyaching about this. If you want to watch it, buy the damn thing. It’s not hard.Most likely a coincidence, and they didn’t ban it, they’re going to bring it back with some kind of disclaimer talking about historical context. I don’t think any movie should be banned. People have to stop and think about the fact that the times were very different back then. If movies are banned for racial content, then why aren’t half of the shows on tv today banned as well?? Where do you draw the the line?? It should be up to each individual to make a well informed decision as to what they want/not want to watch.