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Of all the butts in the world, yours is my favorite mug

Of all the butts in the world, yours is my favorite mug 1

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I loved visiting Florence… we had planned a trip right before 9/11 and had to cut back on the travel. So glad that we decided to not skip Florence.. seeing the statue of David in person is truly breathtaking Love Florence. Feel like I am transported back in time as the city looks as it did 500 years ago.
Blows my mind that between the fall of Rome in 476 and the Renaissance there is a period of 1,000 years. 10 centuries of darkness. So hard to grasp. Been there two or three times. Have lots of great memories. Not sure I’ll ever go back, though. Getting too old and Europe may never let us back in!! Visited four times, each time seeking out another once in a lifetime spot… Florence is filled with them.
Last visit we stayed with our exchange students family from Florence; what an incredible experience! 4 hour dinners, strolling w the locals, stomach sandwiches, the carousel… Such wonderful memories! Agree Florence is for me the most visitable Renaissance city where everything is close by with walking the best way to reach most of the highlights. The problem is too many highlights to see! Many great restaurants are tucked in little streets and alleys; we tried to avoid the large touristy places on plazas. If you only see 1 thing the Uffizi is the premier place. One less traveled museum was Galileo’s which was small scaled but had the most excellent devices I have ever seen dedicated to astronomy! Absolutely LOVED Florence. What a thrill to be there. I have an art degree and it was a privilege to see the wonderful things I studied as a student. The city is magical and you cannot help but fall in love with it. Oh to see it again, maybe one day.