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OMG You Guys That's Not What I Said Jesus hoodie

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I may be the only one who believes this, but our society needs to look at the family system, long and hard. We are expecting our schools and teachers to do what should be done by parents. Our educational system isn’t failing to raise and teach kids, parents are. It starts at home on day one, and we can’t just bow out b/c it is too hard, or we live in poverty. Teachers are there to educate and reinforce the appropriate behavior expectations originating in the home. Let’s put the responsibility where it belongs. I do totally agree there are so many parents who are doing everything they can to raise good citizens but even though they are diligent, kids misbehave.

I couldn’t agree more. Our society has made so many advancements but our public education remains in the dark ages in many ways, especially with discipline and disabilities. Public education we pay for should be inclusive not exclusive. It does start early. And when a teacher brings her whole class in on the issues, teacher is inviting them to form an opinion. So wrong. If an employer did that, they’d be fired and possibly sued. Melinda D Adams , absolutely. I raised my sons for quite a period of time in poverty. I was a public school teacher without child support for several yrs. was it hard, absolutely, but they are successful adults now. I also believe in God and it was my duty, no matter what, to provide for and guide these boys. I would agree with this except when a child has a known disability and the educating staff chooses to ignore it. Blaming the parents is an easy way out. That should be every teachers challenge because they love what they do and want to help all children. As a parent of a child on the spectrum I resent people who think I skirt my my responsibilities as a parent. I live it daily and it is not easy. I’m not an educated educator. Yes I’d like to help you more but that wasn’t my chosen profession nor the chosen child I was blessed with. Blaming families in proverty is an excuse.