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Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Piano It was me poster

Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Piano It was me poster 4

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I would agree with you assuming jurisdictional compliance which is why in my reply to Patrick Carey I used the word jurisdiction. That has not been the case which is why I am concerned. I am not trying to justify the ridiculous actions of the rioters, I am just simply observing the federal agents overreach and also the hypocrisy of individuals who cry foul on due process in one instance and not the other. Red flag laws violate to process as do secret(fed) police cruising the streets and grabbing people. I think it’s idiotic that the leader ship in these communities be at mayors or whatever are outwardly rejecting federal help because they clearly cannot control the situation. But thanks to our constitution they do have the right to reject federal intervention when it doesn’t comply with jurisdictional requirements. it’s laughable that you would condemn me for wanting totalitarian rule when your supporting federal government overreach into a states local affairs. Posse comitatus. so federal agents have jurisdiction everywhere in the United States? What then is the differentiation between State law-enforcement and federal law-enforcement? Why have both?What would give a mayor the right to tell the feds to leave? Maybe you should brush up on the constitution. Posse comitatus. Jurisdiction is everything and states have rights. first the presidents powers are expressed and limited (article2)so he can’t order the occupation of a city. Second the Feds have limited jurisdiction which is only valid because of the 10th amendment. Their jurisdiction is not unlimited. When Lori asks for help then it’s ok but not if they just show up and start policing the streets. They can protect federal property but can’t freely roam the streets picking people up without a request from the state or municipality. Google it. States have similar compositions to the federal set up. Cities have some autonomy depending on the state constitution so just think of your local mayor like the governor of the city. They can in fact tell the Feds to go whistle if issues don’t involve interstate issues or federal property.