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Once you put my meat in your mouth You’re going to want to swallow shirt

Once you put my meat in your mouth You're going to want to swallow T-shirt

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Jan Silloway is your family in the military? The American flag draped over my fathers coffin was much more than a symbol to my family . He was so proud to serve his country even though he was severely wounded in action. My son in law is Army, my father was Navy. The flag is important, but they didn’t swear to protect the flag, they protect the Constitution. Are the entitled crybabies people of color? Do you tell your black friends this? The more you say, your true colors are showing. This is so heartbreaking. Even more so that my son will soon be joining the military. I try not to think of if negative or danger because he chose to honor our country. All of these brave nine soldiers were young and plenty more years of life ahead of them. Continuous prayers for their families. They hadn’t even begun to live. But there is news coverage no publicity. Their lives didnt matter to anyone except their families. I lost a brother at age 19. My family was hurt my parents literly died in front of our very eyes from heart break. Im so sick of all these little priviled rich people that sit back and keep their golden boys from serving. So our minorites with no other means to help their families go because they are willing to protect their country at any cost.a country that wont even mention what occured you all piss me of These “men” are but babies!!! They were all so very young. Thank you for highlighting who they were because each one of them deserve the upmost respect. God bless them and their families… So tragic, but no one but their families and close friends will remember their names in days from now! They are the true heroes of this country! Fools like Kaepernick and L. James and A. Davis, the ones most kids idolize have done nothing for their country, except cause turmoil! These are the true heroes of this country!! Cannot begin to fathom the grief of their mothers/fathers/sisters/brothers/wives/children!