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One Direction 10th Anniversary 2010-2020 hoodie

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I believe in helping myself. And if I can’t help myself, then family is there to help me and for me to help family. Socialism has worked to destroy the family unit. That’s part of the reason people have turned to government. But what the government gives, it can also take away. The more you depend on yourself instead of government, the better. This whole thread…. I stopped paying attention to it hours ago because it is irrelevant nonsense, but I did not notice the page it was on. I didn’t know that FFE was hosting socialism now.
I think it would be like going on a vegan crusade at a steak house. Seeing that most of this sites content is largely the history of the failures of collectivism and the horrendous human rights and humanitarian nightmares that it has historically produced, I am thinking that you are not going to sway too many freedom minded individuals over to embrace the nanny state. Most of us embrace personal responsibilty and we willingly meet the malevolence and chaos of life on its own terms, so…. probably not going to get too far with that. Yeah – I get what you’re trying to say. A few exceptions, like highways built with our taxes do not a socialist government make.
Besides – no one person owned the land these highways were built on to begin with. And if it did cross private land somewhere, those people were compensated. You can hardly compare highways or similar projects, which in many cases are voted on and paid for with taxpayer money, with the confiscation by the government of homes and small businesses. The right to own private property is what makes this country different, and better, than other countries. The right to an equal opportunity (not equal outcome) to make it in life as far as you are able and be rewarded for the fruits of your labor is what makes this country great. You are not entitled to the hard work and property of someone else.