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Out of my way I’m going to the Casino shirt, hoodie, tank top

Out of my way I'm going to the Casino hoodie

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WTH are you talking about, Mister? The mortality rate for COVID is 3.9 percent, not .03, or so says the CDC, John Hopkins University AND the actual numbers reporting in realtime on the bottom of your screen every day. There is NOTHING fake about this pandemic and someone needs a refresher course in basic math! If you have a medical exemption for wearing a mask, you can wait outside while they make your drink, they can walk out the doors to hand it to you while refusing to let you in…. you have the right to refuse to wear a mask, they have the right to refuse your business… it is THEIR business after all. I don’t think that doctors besides psychiatrists will give a medical exemption. The physicians that I have seen interviewed that people with asthma and other breathing problems have no problems with masks and if you do, you have no business leaving your home. The only excuse that I have seen is panic attacks, thus the psychiatrist. Study after study? After this pandemic? – mask use is not proven to prevent virus transmission or contraction, that is why not one manufacturer states they do! Do you dispose of masks as a bio hazard? Tell me why you don’t wear a face mask when there is a flu epidemic? It’s deadlier than the coronavirus? Wearing a mask in the current situation is like telling everyone to wear a condom to prevent the spread of aids! I’m not American! – wake up smell the coffee! Science is showing that the virus transmits most often through saliva. History of the 1918 Spanish Flu shows that areas that practiced social distancing and mask wearing had much lower spread and death rates than those that did not. I’ll explain it for you since you think you are so right. The virus is trapped in the moisture that comes out of your mouth and nose, the mask would not stop a single virus but it does trap the droplets they are enclosed in this keeping the virus close to the wearer, hence 6 ft and mask wearing is extremely useful controlling transmission. Anne Davis once again you are using emotion over reason? Tell me one scientific report that Proves masks prevent viral transmission! Just because society is unhygienic, you think masks are the be all and end all? If you cough or sneeze, do so into a disposable tissue, or handkerchief, bin the tissue (or wash the handkerchief) then wash your hands!! was always, and still is, the best way to prevent viral transmission. I love science, but unfortunately science proves my point not yours, no matter how much you believe Facebook and MSM ‘surveys’! But please explain you ‘history’ comment I’m all ears. When has the wearing of masks in fresh air ever been compulsory in the past? That would genuinely be news to me, looking forward to find out where I missed that in the history book!