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I’m going to assume that a majority of these comments are from those who have lived almost 40+ years of their lives and are accustomed to the way things currently are. I don’t care if It’s just one officer, or two,or three, that’s three too many. When horrible events happen many are inclined to diminish the severity or not acknowledge it at all as a way to cope. Just a few bad apples… do you not realize how many police there are? That “few” could be 20% of all police if not higher. Even if it was 10 that’s still a large number of individuals.
Thank you for what you’ve done but it seems like even you need help. Some of those things you’ve had to do could be designated to an entirely different force of people. Maybe our currently trained mental health professionals can’t do the job but I’m not sure why it’s so hard for people to imagine creating jobs/careers that don’t even exist yet who are better equipped to do it. Try to imagine a world like that because there has to be something better than this. Thank you for doing your job in such an admirable way. No one knows just what law enforcers actually do, unless your the officer or your married to one. It must be a calling because most people could not deal with scumb of society day after day. You are so needed and so important. We stand behind you! your people to we all have our good day’s and bad day’s god bless you and your family be careful out there it’s a crazy world we’re living in ! Prayers for all involved in public service of all kinds.