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Lisa Woodward what about the 150k plus dead so far and rising what a joke. Nah he cares about only business profits and it has lead to an economy that won’t be the same for years cause he still refuses to do anything about the pandemic before or after the shutdown. No matter if you or anybody else thinks its fake or some other conspiracy theory concoction the far right believe in so much. Got to admit some he does like bringing the death penalty back and keep jobs out of cheap labors hands as that money goes straight back to Mexico ruining our economy. The China deal was a joke and only cost us money all they did was push that tax onto the consumer us then trade deal he did immediately lost jobs not hours after he signed it jobs went to Mexico! But there’s a couple I wish the next President would keep. Wish the term limits he promised us would’ve happened but no another politician lie! and I forgot to mention how he’s tries to suppress people’s voting and theres been thousands and thousands of people that has been infected by this virus and thousands of people that has died from this virus and the only thing that he could say is the statement( it is what it is )come on he is one of the worst Presidents in history horrible Amazing! Bet you won’t hear about any of this on mainstream media! Taking care of the world’s most vulnerable, our precious children. May God bless and honor you for that! Mary Jane Parsons Nixon trump is literally in court over the rape of a 13 year old girl he met from Epstein an attempting to use his presidency to not provide DNA evidence. When exactly was Clinton summoned to court ? I agree if he’s guilty they can all go to prison.