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That comment is so true. I have tried to be kind and considerate to everyone but occasionally have met someone who has enjoyed bullying me. Absolutely terrible when I found strength to stick up for myself.

  • oh yes, and that happened to me when I made this mistake of expressing my opinion in this political quagmire…All of a sudden I was made out to be evil, and I was honestly shocked when they bashed me so cruelly!
  • I have to say I do know that feeling you keep quiet and quiet and quiet and in the moment you do say something back you’re the one in the wrong it’s sad the others can’t see their faults
  • This is what our policeman are going through right now. I understand how frustrating it is trying to keep the peace. God bless you all and keep you safe! Yes and they don’t understand that they have constantly taken advantage without ever thinking of how they have infringed!
  • I know I went through people, I won’t mention names. I really DON’T CARE WHAT THEY Think, let alone their friends,if I told them what was said about them and their kids. It wouldn’t be pretty. To see how true this is. Take your elderly mentally challenged mother out in public and try to keep a mask on her. The looks. I swear.

Well I have neigthbor has tottler three clock in the Morning this tottler run all day long. talk to her she say l am sorry but flood my bathroom nine time that piss me of. Isee what gone true. God is great. Pray that we could get long you have bless dayto

There are some people I would like to pummel with my words, and then I tell myself “Why waste my time sinking to their level.”? Then I can calmly walk away without raising my blood pressure, and nothing to regret!

This would be me to a point. If you don’t want an honest response from me, don’t ask the question and I refuse to

feel as if I am the “bad” guy. You asked for it in the first place!! I am who I am and I am what I am. Take me as I am or leave me alone!!!
I can relate to this, they make you look bad to your bosses, your friends and co workers just because you fight and stand up for yourself. You get angry and retaliate becuse they’ve done you wrong Only you and the people involve knows the real story, whether they deny it to themselves or not they should own up to their mistakes and just apologize.

Party like It’s 1347 face mask

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