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Amazon Patriotic Eagle Quilt Bedding Set

Free Patriotic Eagle Quilt Bedding Set
Esty Patriotic Eagle Quilt Bedding Set

Materials: 100%  Batiste fabric which is a fine cloth made from cotton, wool, polyester, or a blend, and the softest of the lightweight opaque fabrics, lightweight and durable.


  • The quilt is stuffed with plush.
  • One side printing.
  • The diamond-stitched keeps the fill in place, so the comforter maintains a fluffed look; gives a luxurious feel that is cozy and breathable, perfect for all year round use.
  • White border around the quilts.
  • Our quilt is fade and pilling resistant. They will come out of the dryer looking fresh every time.
  • This quilt and pillow set is machine washable when washed as delicate, making it easy to keep clean and maintain.

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Amazing Patriotic Eagle Quilt Bedding Set

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