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Peaky Blinders Poster

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My Father had just under 300 followers on twitter. Posted mainly conservative viewpoints and tweets. Nothing offensive. Warned twice and suspended for nothing offensive. Last week he recieved notice he was banned from Twitter permanently. Silenced a man with under 300 followers. Thirsty. This is Bull on the part of these social media control freaks! James Woods speaks to, and for, many of us who believe in the Constitution of the United States. Can someone explain why Paul Joseph Watson is banned from Facebook? The guy just spoke common-sense and was anti political correctness from what I could see. So tired of the censorship here. I am a Trump supporter. I posted a lot of videos on Facebook displaying obvious flaws and inconsistencies in Liberal logic. Next thing you know, my account of 9 years was disabled and they gave me zero ways to recover it. They wont even allow me to reactivate it just to retrieve my kids’ photos and wont answer any of my help request emails regarding the situation. Had to make a new one. Twitter is a sewer. The twitter trolls would never say what they tweet to someone in person for fear of being beat silly. They hide behind a screen in their parents basement and feel like warriors. Can someone with more intelligence build alternative app to counter Twitter, Facebook and google for conservatives to go and support and not be attacked for our values. How come we broke up the Bell telephone system for being a monopoly but Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others who are restricting and monopolizing the free expression we are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States? Seriously? You are “Monitoring” the censorship by Tweeting about it? 2 Years into your presidency and you havn’t been able to stop the censorship of free speech. Where is the executive order to stop it? Where is the action to stop Big Tech from doing this to us on these Public Forums??? Tweeting will not stop it.